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The Child Wellness Monitor

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Butterfly automatically tracks your child’s vitals, sleep, diaper and activities.

Designed to help you juggle the demands of parenting and get more rest, Butterfly sends usable insights directly to an easy-to-use mobile app.

Butterfly also helps caregivers provide the quality care your child deserves. Eliminate any guesswork. Finally an easy way to observe your child’s daily activities.

Simply clip Butterfly to your child's clothing. Butterfly works where you need it most. At home. On the go. At daycare.

Take the guesswork out of childcare, replace your monitor and tracking apps with Butterfly.


Butterfly safely monitors your child's breathing. No more tiptoeing around the house to check on your sleeping beauty. Use the Butterfly app to make sure your everything is fine.


No matter whether your child is sleeping in a crib, on the go in a stroller or in a car seat on the way to grandma's, Butterfly safely tracks sleep duration, times and efficiency everywhere. Providing parents valuable insights to help with sleeping training and improving sleep quality.


Butterfly safely tracks when your child’s wets a diaper and notifies you when it's time for a change, helping mitigate diaper rashes as well as providing insights to monitor hydration and digestive health. As they grow, Butterfly helps with potty training too.

Never run out of diapers again, Butterfly will know and order them for you.


Butterfly safely tracks your child's activity levels, providing insights into their development and helping identify any sleep related issues.

And when you entrust your child to others, be confident to know that they are as active as when at home with you.

How it Works

Clip Butterfly to your child’s clothing.

Receive notifications on your mobile device.

Check the Butterfly app for more details.

Your child wears Butterfly with the nanny.

Butterfly helps the nanny provide optimal child care through a mobile device.

Mom & dad can control which notifications they receive, as well as see an overall end-of-the-day review.

Give your child longer uninterrupted sleep and joyful playtime. Butterfly safely monitors your baby while you enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with knowing your loved one is thriving.

Is she still thriving in her crib?

Curb the urge to repeatedly check on your sleeping child with the confidence that Butterfly knows all is well. Butterfly safely monitors breathing, heart rate, temperature and sleeping position. You will immediately be notified if anything changes in the crib.

Why is she so fussy?

You are feeding, changing, soothing, and loving your newborn like you never imagined. You’re also sleep deprived, overwhelmed and anxious. Permanently remove ‘record schedule’ from your to-do list with Butterfly’s automatic schedule tracker. Know your baby’s daily history and easily determine why they are fussy.

When will she wake up?

Butterfly's artificial intelligence learns your child's sleep patterns to accurately predict their wake up time. Plan your day better, take a blissful shower, well-deserved nap or finally eat food that is still warm.

Can I sleep train with confidence?

Sleep training is tough, really tough. But it’s easier with the confidence that Butterfly provides. Know that your child is safe when learning to sleep alone.

No more pulling over in the car or running repeatedly to grandma’s guest bedroom. Butterfly delivers confidence you can trust outside the house.

Do I need to pull over? Is she fine in her carseat?

You can’t safely attend to your child's needs while you’re driving. Trust Butterfly to tell you when it’s time to pull over for a diaper change or change in vitals. When you know she’s thriving, silence is bliss.

Is she alone in the car?

You would never intentionally leave your child in the car, but sometimes the sleep-deprived, multi-tasking mind skips a beat and you take a few steps while your child is still in the car. Leveraging advanced technology, Butterfly provides an extra safely layer to alert you if your baby is alone in the car.

Is she still sleeping in the other room while we’re visiting friends?

Enjoy some adult time knowing Butterfly will alert you when your love-bug awakes or needs your attention.

No more wondering if your child is thriving in childcare. No more second guessing handwritten schedules and why your little love is over-tired and cranky after work. With Butterfly, know that your child is well-cared for so you can focus on your outside work.

Is your child thriving with the nanny?

Nannies are a popular, loving and convenient childcare option for working parents. Butterfly helps the nanny deliver top-notch care by providing them with usable insights as well as the desired daily schedule selected by the parents.

Is your child thriving in daycare?

Daycares are a popular, loving and a social option for working parents’ childcare. But with so many children in daycare, parents often wonder if their child is getting the individual attention they need. Butterfly actively monitors your child's wellness, activity and diapers changes. Know if her crying at drop-off is something to worry about.

My child's schedule is changing. What was ‘normal’ this week?

Easily understand any schedule changes and predict your child’s weekend routine by viewing their week in aggregate. Make the most out of your weekend family time with a thriving child and a known schedule.


Safe & Beautiful

Butterfly safely clips to your child's clothing with no skin-contact. Using patent-pending safe-sense technology and Bluetooth Low Energy, Butterfly safely tracks your child's activities. Made from the same materials as a teething toy and the size of a pacifier, Butterfly is 100% baby safe.

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