Know your baby is
more than Okay

Butterfly tracks breathing, sleep and diaper wetness.
Works at home, in the car, at daycare.
It works everywhere.

More than just a baby monitor

Unlike traditional baby monitors, Butterfly is not limited
to the crib. You can use it everywhere and it grows with
your baby. Butterfly only communicates to your phone
when you ask or when you need to check on her.

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  • Butterfly, your baby care companion.

    Butterfly is a smart, safe and tiny little helper which easily clips to your baby's clothing.
    Requiring no skin contact, your baby won't even know it's there.

    Giving you peace of mind

    Whether sleeping in or outside the crib on
    their back, side or stomach, Butterfly
    tracks your baby’s breathing, letting you
    know if you need to check on her.

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  • Get the rest you need

    Whether you are safe co-sleeping or sleep training,
    Butterfly observes your baby’s activities, sleep
    and environment to provide you insights on how
    to help her get better sleep.

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  • No more guesswork for you

    Whether she is swaddled at home or all
    dressed up outside, Butterfly senses your
    baby’s diaper over her clothing, sending you a
    notification when it’s time for a change.

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  • Insight into your baby's day

    The entire day is captured in a timeline to
    provide you insight in her overall wellness,
    even when you are away.

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  • Butterfly in action

    At home

    In the car

    At day care

    What moms are saying about Butterfly

    Love the peace of mind everywhere.

    Get your baby care companion

    Butterfly allows parents to understand what their
    children cannot communicate. It tracks their activities
    to help parents better meet their changing needs.

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